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things i'm jamming…

all the random things i'm obsessed with at this current time

#1 New Brooke Fraser

For those of you who are like “Brooke who?”, honeychile you don’t even KNOW how beautiful this Aussie gal’s voice is.  Some may know her from her lovely album from a few fortnights ago, “Albertine”, with amazing and inspiring tunes such as these.  You also might have heard of this small, struggling little church she sang with called Hillsong. {sarcasm noted}  Well she is dipping her toe in the mainstream waters with her new album “Flags” and if the whole record is anything like this catchy little folky first single then I’m sold.  Ms. Fraser has this uncanny ability to make songs swell and dramatize goosebumpy style, yet the basic framework and lyrics stay simple and genuine.  Check it out holmes and try to keep your toes from tapping…

#2 Jewel Mint

This is a little website that I think has a superbly cool premise.  You sign up, take this style quiz, and pay a mere $30 dues each month and get personalized jewelry choices that will be sent to you free of charge.  This neato little world wide web address is brought to you by stylist Cher Coulter and that gal that’s dating Meekus from Zoolander, Kate Bosworth.  They design cool baubles and present the ones that stylists think you’ll like based on your personal style, and one piece arrives at your door each month.  Ladies go check it out…or dudes, no judging here.

#3 SNL clip of the week

A new segment here on Things I’m Jamming.  I just love SNL.  There’s no getting around it.  It’s borderline creepy.  Fav show by far.  So I figured I would share my creepy archival knowledge and give you a weekly nostalgia laugh.  Click here for a surprise. This rare species includes a natural anomaly…Will Ferrell cracking.  Enjoy.

See yous guys.


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